Community is Our Focus


Foundations for Collaboration

We are Angie and Marcus, owners of Boise Music Lessons: a female-founded, family-run small business.

We see music as a highlight of daily life, not a task to be mastered. It’s a path to connecting with family, friends, and community.

When you become a member of our studio you’ll learn how to play your instrument at your weekly lessons, then learn the foundations for collaboration to jam with other musicians at monthly group classes called Hootenannies.


Multi-Instrumental Focus

Have you ever been to a friend’s house with a guitar propped in a corner? Or their grandpa’s fiddle hung on the wall? We want you to be able to pick up that instrument, tune it up, and play with your friends!

We want you to develop a healthy, life-long relationship with music, and encourage you to become a musical enthusiast rather than a prodigy.  

We’ll help you choose the right instrument to start your musical journey, and guide you as you expand your musical horizons.


Sharing With Family And Friends

We’ll empower you to take charge of your own learning so you can strum along to any popular song while sitting around a campfire.  We’ll show you how to host multi-instrumental jam sessions for your family and friends where anyone can have fun playing music!

We invite you to learn with us at our integrated home studio because we want to inspire you to play music in your own home. Or if you prefer, we’d be happy to meet you online for your classes.  Our cozy studio is located on the Boise Bench near the historic Boise Depot.

Come Join Us!

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The perfect membership for beginners!

  • Spring Season: January 24th - June 8th, 2021

    Fall Season: August 8th - December 21st, 2021

  • 12 One-on-One Lessons

    6 Group Lessons called "Hootenannies"

  • Tuition: 4 Installments of $240

    Open to Adults, Teens, & Tweens


An immersive learning experience!

  • January 24th - December 21st, 2021

    Includes: Fall & Spring Seasons

    + Free Summer Mini
  • 26 One-on-One Lessons

    13 Group Lessons called "Hootenannies"

    Guest Passes & Annual Perks

  • Tuition: Save 20-25% off Seasonal Rates

    Open to Adults, Teens, & Tweens


Make any membership your own!
  • Pick your instrument(s)

    Flexible online scheduling

    Choose Online or In-Person Instruction
  • Tuition Options:

    Seasonal Installments

    Season-in-full (save 10%)

    Annual Installment (save 20%)

    Annual-in-full (save 25%)
  • Add-Ons:

    Family Lessons for Adults & Kiddos

    Instrument Rentals

Hear From Our Students

"I like that the lessons are flexible so I can schedule them around my work shifts or attend online."
- Kellie

4 years with Boise Music Lessons

Instruments: Violin, Mandolin, Banjo
"We love that we can learn to play together and share in the community experience."
- Jayson and Jen

3 years with Boise Music Lessons

Instruments: Piano, Drums, Guitar
"I like Hootenannies because you can play with other people and try any instrument you want in the studio."
- Teyla

1 year with Boise Music Lessons

Instrument: Violin, Mandolin

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