Your Musical Journey


Multi-Instrumental Focus

We’ll help you choose the right instruments for your musical journey, and provide continual guidance as you develop a healthy, life-long relationship with music. 

Your teachers are Angie and Marcus, owners of Boise Music Lessons: a female-founded, family-operated small business. Our studio is your home for musical curiosity and enthusiasm. 


Song-Based Curriculum

You’ll learn to play through our innovative and collaborative song-based curriculum. From engaging Lesson Memberships to casual Campfire Music Club classes, you’ll create a musical foundation through songs.

Music is a path to connecting with family, friends, and community. Join us virtually, in our lessons studio, or covered backyard classroom on the Boise Bench (just across from The Stil).


Sharing With Family And Friends

Music is meant to be shared! We’ll show you how to create meaningful connections and unforgettable experiences with your partner, family, or yourself.

Take lessons together, join a campfire class, or ask us to host a group event for your family, business, nonprofit, or favorite friends. We’ll help you dream up a special addition to your function that everyone will love and remember!

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Self-Directed Jammin'!

  • Online Tutorials & Live Group Classes

  • For Musically Curious Adults

    Open to Novice Players and Beyond

  • Learn Songs On: Guitar, Ukulele

    Violin, Fiddle, Mandolin, Piano, Keyboard

    Banjo, Drums, Bass


Guided Song-Based Learning!

  • Online Tutorials, Live Group Classes

    Personalized Lessons

  • For Adults & Families (age 10+)

    Open to Absolute Beginners and Beyond

  • Learn to Play: Guitar, Ukulele

    Violin, Fiddle, Mandolin, Piano, Keyboard

    Banjo, Drums, Bass, & Voice


Create a Memorable Experience!

  • Creative Custom Classes

  • For Friends & Families

    Businesses, Clubs, or Groups

  • Workshops, Date Nights

    Team Building Experiences

    Exploration Stations and More!

Hear From Your Community

Ukulele Lessons Boise

"I've been taking lessons from Angie and Marcus for about 8 months and absolutely love these folks. They're such warm, genuine people, and they adjust the lessons to make them useful and fun. I never have felt like learning my instrument was a chore. Instead, it's something fun I get to do on my timeline.

Part of their system is to have all the students learn one popular song at a time. It's a great way to learn because rather than doing boring repetitive drills and scales, you're playing a song that you like!"

- Steve W.

Instruments: Ukulele and Guitar

"I recently attended both an in-person and a virtual campfire group and had so much fun. The group was well organized and the pacing was perfect for learning a song and being able to play along in a single session.

Angie and Marcus bring great energy and give excellent instruction for players of all levels to be successful. Grab an instrument and jump in without fear! It will be a hoot!"

- Heather B.

Instruments: Guitar, Piano, and Voice

Violin Lessons Boise

"I've been taking lessons (violin and ukulele, so far) for over three years, and I cannot recommend Angie and Marcus highly enough.

Their approach to music is superb, and their response and flexibility responding to COVID has been very impressive. The hootenannies are amazing: built in opportunities to play music with people (even over zoom) have been an absolute highlight of life since I started taking lessons here."

- Joy P.

Instruments: Violin, Ukulele, and Voice