Drum Lessons Boise

We always say, if you have a heartbeat, you can play percussion. Of percussion instruments, and perhaps all instruments, the drum set is arguably the most fun to play. It is deeply rooted in the human experience; artifacts of hand drums have been discovered that date back to 6,000 years and older*. The drum set we know today is a relatively young instrument, around the early 1900’s the modern drum set started to take shape**. Thus, the art of drumming is changing every day and we aim to keep our students on the cutting edge of method and technique. We’re happy to provide the most comprehensive foundations for jamming of any Boise drum lessons.


Now Accepting Beginning & Progressing Drum Set Students: All Ages Welcome!

At Boise Music Lessons, our drummers get a healthy dose of:

  • Modern drum set method and technique
  • Hand drum method and technique
  • Djembe
  • Bongos
  • Cajón
  • Shuitar
  • Various concert percussion and mallet instruments
  • Piano familiarization
  • Drum stick rudiments
  • Rhythm reading
  • Drum set setup, tuning, and maintenance
  • Musicianship and etiquette
  • Performance skills
  • Live & recording microphone placement

As with all instruments we provide a foundation of note reading, functional theory, ear training, and musical collaboration and communication.