Drum Set Buyer’s Guide

Are you ready to start your drum set lessons at Boise Music Lessons? Or perhaps you’re looking to add a new instrument to your music corner, or give a drum set as a gift? No matter the reason, we think adding more music into your life is always a good thing, and we’re happy to help you find the perfect instrument! Read on for our curated list of drum set recommendations.* And, don’t forget to check out our Cajón Buyer’s Guide to complement your kit!

So many options!

One of the coolest things about picking out a drum set is you can’t really go wrong — just look for something in your price range and it’ll be a hit (pun intended) with your family! That said, if you’re looking for something to fit in a small space, or if you’re noise conscious, we’ll provide you with some suggestions to get you started.

Do you love that traditional sound and feel of a kit? Then an acoustic drum set will make your heart sing! Looking for something with an option for silent practice, or mold your unique sound with effects? Then an electronic drum set has endless possibilities!

As always, your local music shop will have a variety of awesome instruments for you to choose from.  If you decide to purchase a used set you can always replace the heads of the drums and even the cymbals for an easy sound upgrade sometime in the future.  

Now, let’s find a set to get you started playing!

Acoustic Drum Set

Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit: Small but mighty — great for young players, or space-conscious adults.

Electronic Drum Set

Pyle Tabletop Drum Set: The ultimate option for space, sound, and budget.

Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit: Realistic sound and feel with infinite possibilities.


Now that you’ve found your perfect kit, outfit it with all the necessities.

Sticks — keep a spare set on hand in case you break one!

Vic Firth Kid Sticks

Promark 7A White Oak, Nylon Tip: Marcus’ fave!

Brushes — for quieter playing on your acoustic kit.

Vater Little Monster Brushes

Drum Throne — don’t forget your seat!

PDP by DW Drum Throne

Music Stand — find something nice and robust to hold up heavy books and a metronome/cell phone.  Bonus points if you have a place to store pencils and highlighters, a stand light, fingernail clippers, and some clothes pins to keep your books open!

Manhasset Music Stand

Still have questions about buying a drum set?  Email us!  Ready to play some music?  Learn more!

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