Harmonica Lessons

There is a reason harmonica is dubbed “The People’s Instrument;” it is relatively simple to play, affordable, and loads of fun! We choose to focus on the 10 hole diatonic “blues harp” harmonica. If you have played a harmonica in your lifetime, it was likely diatonic (unless you’re Stevie Wonder).

At Boise Music Lessons, our harmonica players get a healthy dose of:

  • Diatonic (10 hole) straight harp and cross-harp (Blues)
  • Individual notes and chord styles
  • Emphasis on understanding and communicating musical keys
  • Jamming/improvisation
  • Live playing and micing through amplification

As with all instruments, at your harmonica lesson we’ll provide a foundation of note reading, functional theory, ear training, and musical collaboration and communication.

Now Accepting Beginning Harmonica Students: All Ages Welcome!