Solo Lessons

Solo Lessons are a great introduction to all things music.  They provides just enough learning time to make you awesome, but not so much that your brain feels mushy.

Solo Lessons are 30 minutes of one-on-one time between student and teacher.

Both Angie and Marcus will both have a presence at lessons to provide guidance and information.  We often teach with a tag-team approach, acting as a primary educator if the student is playing their instrument of emphasis, or dropping in  every so often to add some perspective on a secondary instrument.

Angie and Marcus love to play as a mini backing band, throwing down some guitar and percussion to help turn a student’s piece of music into a real song.

We tailor our teaching to suit the individual’s learning style, interests, and abilities.  No two Solo Lessons will look exactly alike.

Solo Lessons are recommended for students age 8 on through adult.  For younger students, check out Tagalong Lessons.  For advancing students, check out Epic Solo Lessons.  Looking to collaborate?  Check out Tandem Lessons!