Tandem Lessons



Tandem Lessons allow two students of varying ages, instruments, and abilities to collaborate and learn alongside each other.

Tandem Lessons are 60 minutes in length, shared between the student duo.

We’ve seen Tandem Lesson duos between siblings, friends, spouses, parent and child (even parents and grown children!), and our favorite, two Boise Music Lesson students who met in our studio and decided to share their time and learn together.

Tandem Lessons are not a static arrangement; they are tailored to suit the interests and abilities of each duo, and grow and change as the dynamic evolves.

Tandem Lessons can alternate between duo collaboration and individual instruction observation, or be side-by-side learning from start to finish.  They can focus on improvisation, chamber music, folk songs, and much, much more!

Who will be your Tandem Lesson buddy?

Tandem Lessons are recommended for ages 10+.  For kiddos a bit younger, check out Tagalong Lessons.