Want to know more about your teachers? Here's a glimpse into our diverse backgrounds:

Have you ever had someone tell you that you “can’t” play music for some reason or another? We have. And we’ve heard the same story from countless others, too. Maybe you were told “you are too old to learn” or “your fingers are too short” or even “you don’t have rhythm” or some other bummer completely out of your control. We don’t buy it, and neither should you…

We truly believe you CAN play music! We are dedicated to creating a safe space to make learning as easy and fun as possible.

We’re here to help you develop skills to play music with your friends and family, regardless of your age or previous musical experience. We make use of the time you have in our studio to help you optimize your learning, regardless of the time you have to spend with your instrument at home.


Further, we know that a studio is more than just a place you go for lessons; it’s the atmosphere you feel when you’re there. Music is a part of our everyday life, so it made sense to us to integrate our studio into our home. Every day we invite our students to play music and learn along side us in our dedicated space.

Fun features: Boise Music Lessons has been spotlighted by Good Morning America, KTVB7, Boise Weekly, Idaho Family Magazine, and more!

Fun fact: We’ve played some funky gigs (in an underground cave, with a Beatles cover band, at a mechanical bull-riding contest, and the list goes on). Once we played a mouth harp duet at the Knitting Factory — on our anniversary, no less! Despite these fun adventures, our favorite place to play music is in our living room with our two kiddos and favorite friends.