Boise Piano Lessons

The piano is a powerful tool for music makers around the world. We encourage all students no matter their chosen instrument to become familiar with the piano. With its versatility and wide tonal possibilities it can be a great solo or accompanying instrument. The piano is a wonderful teaching aid as well; its 88 keys allow us to visually explain music theory concepts to students that may otherwise be difficult to grasp. We’re happy to provide the best collaboration foundations at piano lessons Boise has to offer!

Now Accepting Beginning Piano Students: All Ages Welcome!

At Boise Music Lessons, our “ivory ticklers” get a healthy dose of:

  • Intervals and chords
  • 5 Finger scale-based improvisation
  • Alfred method books
  • Live performance skills

As with all instruments we provide a foundation of note reading, functional theory, ear training, and musical collaboration and communication.

Did you know we have our pianists warm up on the drum set before their lessons? The drum set uses all four limbs, cross-body motion, and rhythmic independence concepts just like the piano, which makes them perfect companions!


No piano? No problem! Check out our Piano Buyer’s Guide for tips on finding the perfect acoustic piano or digital keyboard for your home!