Piano & Keyboard Buyer’s Guide

Are you ready to start your piano lessons at Boise Music Lessons? Or perhaps you’re looking to add a new instrument to your music corner, or give a keyboard as a gift? No matter the reason, we think adding more music into your life is always a good thing, and we’re happy to help you find the perfect instrument! Read on for our curated list of piano and keyboard recommendations.*

Acoustic or Digital?

Acoustic pianos have the benefit of awesome sound and great playability, though they require annual maintenance (tuning) and have obvious space limitations.  Digital pianos or electronic keyboards are delightfully portable and have fun settings to inspire creative playing, but sometimes sub-par when it comes to realistic playing feel and sound quality.

The most popular on our studio keyboard is the “dog bark.”  You haven’t truly heard Fur Elise until you’ve heard it sung by a choir of pooches!

Acoustic Piano

Pre-owned is the way to go for pianos!  Decide what size of instrument works best with your space, then take a trip to your local music store. If you’re looking for a piano in the Boise area, visit the Pianos N Things showroom to pick your new family heirloom (tell Mike we say hi!).  If you decide shop on craigslist, be sure to have a piano appraiser check out your find to see if it will require repairs or tuning in addition to the cost of relocation.

Digital Piano

If you go electric, look for an instrument with keys that are either “fully weighted” (preferred) or “touch sensitive,” as well as the option to attach a sustain pedal to replicate the feel and features of an acoustic piano.  Your local music store will likely have keyboards to get you rockin’.  If you’d rather buy online* in your jammie jams, here are a few great models at different price points to get you started:

Casio CTK-3500 (61 Key)

Alesis Recital (88 Key)

Alesis Recital Pro (88 Hammer-action Keys)


When picking out your keyboard, either go for the “bundle” option to pick up a ready-to-go package, or shop individually for the following…

Sustain Pedal

Don’t forget your pedal — it gives your keyboard that little extra magic to make it sound feel like you’re playing an acoustic piano!

M Audio SP 2 Universal Sustain Pedal

Adjustable Stand

Heavy Duty Adjustable Keyboard/Piano Stand

Adjustable Seating

Whether you play the fanciest concert grand or the most modest of keyboards, you’ll need an adjustable seat to find your comfortable, ergonomic playing position.  We recommend using a drum throne for an affordable bench alternative.  This sturdy seat will be the right height for every pianist!

As always, let us know if you have any questions while you’re shopping for a new instrument — we’d be happy to help.  And once you’re ready to roll, come play music with us!

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