We are often asked, “how much do you charge an hour?” To which we reply: we don’t have an hourly rate. Music and teaching is a part of our daily life — our work extends beyond just lesson time in the studio. We’re happy to dedicate ourselves to playing, teaching and learning about music. Here’s how you benefit from our commitment: you have access to the knowledge and guidance of two instructors with 40 combined years of music teaching experience.

  • You receive our full focus and attention as this is our sole livelihood.
  • You experience both individualized and group instruction, providing you with many ways to apply your learning.
  • You are part of a dedicated community of musicians — we only take 55 students per year to provide each one with a quality education.
  • You gain access to our studio instruments, music library, and musical supplies.

Since we offer a different teaching format than a standard “private lessons” studio we structure our tuition differently. Your musical education is not an isolated experience, but rather an ongoing event that does not stop at the end of our weekly time. We provide you with ongoing support and a network of members to share in your growth.

Still want to learn more about how we set our tuition rates? Click to familiarize yourself with the economics of self-employed music teachers, a breakdown of general education and instrument costs, and what your tuition covers in a standard music studio.

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