Angie Marianthi

Angie Marianthi has been playing the violin and strumming the guitar for decades. She started teaching violin lessons to neighborhood kids when she was in high school and hasn’t stopped since.

Angie creates a one of a kind learning experience, through both instrumental lessons and group Hootenannies.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music, a Masters of Health Science in Health Promotion, as well as a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification, and incorporates elements of all three into her teaching.

Angie has years of experience playing in bands in the Boise area and currently records and performs with Solomon’s Hollow.

When not playing her ancient German violin or trusty acoustic guitar, she loves to help out with vocals, banjo, electric bass, and percussion.

Fun fact: Angie once spent a summer in Nashville performing as a “busker” or street musician!

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