Marcus Marianthi

Marcus Marianthi shares a lifetime of musical experience, specializing in harmonica, drum set, cajon, shuitar, and percussion. He started playing the drum set as a child in his Uncle Don’s basement and hasn’t stopped since.

He played in all the ensembles he could in high school, and visited the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival every year. This provided him with a strong rhythmic foundation. From there he branched into a variety of genres and has since then played in an array of bands around the great Northwest.

Marcus currently performs with the Boise based band, Solomon’s Hollow.

Marcus has a diverse professional background in City Planning, all-ages Transportation Education, and Curriculum Development. He sees the irrevocable importance of community every day at his advocacy and brings this value to his music teaching.

Marcus is a passionate educator, both in classroom and in the music studio and enjoys teaching one-on-one as well as in a group setting.

Fun fact: Marcus is also an accomplished bicycle mechanic. Did you know that you can “true” the spokes on a bike wheel by plucking them like a harp?

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